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Electric Wire

Electric Wire Manufacturers

Komal Cable is the most Seamless Electric Wire Manufacturers in New Delhi. Electric wires are essential additives of electrical structures, playing a pivotal role in transmitting electric power from one point to another. There are various factors that come into existence when it comes to choosing the best electric wire for your corporate office or even for your personal home. Hence we have made these electrical wires suitable for both of the places. Making it versatile and reusable.


We are the most Superior Electric Wire Suppliers in New Delhi. Our Electric wires come in one-of-a-kind sizes or gauges, with thicker wires able to support higher currents without overheating. This element is vital in designing electrical circuits to save you from fires and system damage. Additionally, our wires are shade-coded, with particular hues denoting their cause. For instance, black or crimson wires are often used for hot or stay wires, white or grey for neutral wires, and green or bare wires for floor connections.


We are known as the Robust Electric Wire Wholesalers in India. Our Electric wires are generally hidden within walls and ceilings, ensuring protection and aesthetics.  They are available in diverse sizes and hues, tailor-made to unique packages, and their right setup and renovation are critical for the safety and capability of electrical systems. These wires are too stylish so that even if they hang around the ceilings for a small time frame they will not deteriorate the aesthetics of your house.


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