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3 Core Cable

3 Core Cable Manufacturers

Komal Cable is a quality 3 Core Cable Manufacturers in New Delhi. Our 3 Core Cable is a special type of cable with three separate conductor wires within the protective sheath. Each of these wires has its own unique role for safe and efficient electrical operation. Our 3-core cables are typically used for appliances with metal parts, such as ovens and washing machines. A ground wire is essential for safety in these situations, acting as a protective shield to ensure you can operate your devices without disturbance. We ensure the flow of electricity where it is needed and keep you safe from potential hazards.


We are the most reliable 3 Core Cable Suppliers in New Delhi. So, why do we need 3-core cables instead of just one wire? The answer lies in security and reliability. These three wires are tightly bound in a single wire, providing a strong and reliable electrical connection. It is an experienced team with different strengths that work together seamlessly. This important function helps prevent lightning strikes and puts you and your equipment at risk.


We are known as the Synchronous 3 Core Cable Wholesalers in India. The power source delivers electricity to your appliances, keeping them alive. Our 3 Core Cable is very reasonably priced and well-made. So, don't stress about the price or quality. You can get in touch with us at our customer services if you have any issues with anything.


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